ResMed AirSense™ 11 AutoSet™ with HumidAir™ and ClimateLineAir™

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ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet CPAP

Combining enhanced digital health technology with effective therapy modes, AirSense™ 11 APAP and CPAP machines are designed to make starting sleep apnea therapy, and adhering to it, easier and more convenient than ever before.

Each machine includes access to myAir™, ResMed's easy-to-use online support program and app designed to help you get started and adjust to therapy. AirSense 11 users also get exclusive access to new myAir features like Personal Therapy Assistant and Care Check-In.


+ AirSense 11 AutoSet Machine
+ ClimateLineAir Tube
+ HumidAir 11 Tub (Water Chamber)
+ Carrying Case
+ Power Chord

Product Highlights:

Every AirSense 11 machine includes a wide range of features designed to deliver comfortable therapy, as well as tools and myAir access to help you start and stay on track throughout your sleep apnea treatment journey.

Sleep Data Connectivity

  • Bluetooth (BLE)
  • Cellular Connection Built-In
  • SD Card

Operating Pressure Range

  • 4 to 20 cmH2O (4 to 20 hPa)

Additional Features

Ramp Time:
Period during which the pressure increases from a low start pressure to the prescribed treatment pressure.

Ramp Time can be set to Off, 5 to 45 minutes (in 5-minute increments), or Auto.

Pressure Relief:
When EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief) is enabled, you may find it easier to breathe out. This setting can help you get used to therapy.

When SmartStart is enabled, therapy starts automatically when you breathe into your mask.

When SmartStop is enabled, therapy stops automatically after a few seconds when you remove your mask.

Mask Fit:
This function helps you assess and identify possible air leaks around your mask.

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