BPM Connect– Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

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With BPM connect, taking your blood pressure at home has never been so convenient. The device provides medically accurate blood pressure & heart rate measurements with immediate color-coded feedback on the device. Bpm connect synchronizes seamlessly via Wi-Fi & Bluetooth to the free health Mate app, where you can see all your data history and share it with your doctor.

Works with Apple Health - Syncs seamlessly with Apple Health to export or import your blood pressure & heart rate data.

Travel-friendly - BPM Connect is compact enough to fit in an overnight bag, so you can make sure to check your blood pressure regularly.

Help developing a routine - Set reminders for regular measurement in the app.

Multi-user friendly - BPM Connect can be used by up to 8 people. You can assign a measurement to a user directly on the device.

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