We are Passionate about Better Sleep!

We founded Heartstrong to help people feel better. It's that simple We want people to feel better so they can live longer, more fruitful lives.

What's more rewarding than that?

We know what it feels like to wake up every morning sluggish, tired, irritable and miserable after a poor night's sleep. It's no fun... and it not only affects your health, it affects your work and your relationships too.

We were "tired" of feeling that way. So we did something about it.. My business partner and I are both "sleep patients" who wear CPAP therapy every day. We know first hand the difference this technology can make in your life because it made a difference in ours. Life Changing!!! We don't use that "cliche" lightly. It literally is Life Changing Technology. 

Along the way, we have added products and services that help people improve overall health. Most health issues are affected by sleep, so fixing that is a great place to start. We can help! We truly understand what you are going through and we know how to help you GET PERFECT SLEEP... and that's why we founded Heartstrong!

So what are you waiting for... it's time to make a difference in your life!

  • President | Co-Founder
    Josh Arterbury
  • EVP | Co-Founder
    John Shisler

Our Services & Products

Heartstrong Sleep is reinventing healthcare through testing and treatment from the comfort of your own home. Our testing services allow patients to order a testing kit and meet with a Board Certified Physician on the results through HIPPA certified video conferencing. Patients requiring therapy are able to choose from our selection of products that are world-renowned for staying on the cutting edge of efficacy and patient satisfaction.

We're confident you will love what we do for you to achieve the perfect sleep.

Our Team

Our team of experts have helped thousands of patients, including those with complex sleep disorders, achieve a perfect sleep. We understand that snoring and sleep disorders can negatively impact your personal and professional lives, so we personalize all treatment to help you achieve high-quality sleep and live more fully. Our knowledgeable staff will also help keep track of the sometimes confusing insurance rules and regulations to allow you to get the most from your insurance coverage.