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Sleep Test Bundle - Device, Diagnosis, Prescription

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Home Sleep Test Bundle Includes

  • WatchPAT ONE or WatchPAT 300 Testing Device
  • Coaching & Support
  • Telehealth Consult with Board Certified Sleep Physician
  • Sleep Test Results Review & Diagnosis
  • Prescription for Therapy
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F&P Evora Full Mask Fit Pack

The Evora Full mask features are uniquely designed to optimize performance throughout the night. Dynamic Support Technology combines Stability Wings with the Floating Seal to allow for freedom of movement while keeping the mask comfortably in place.
To find the size that works best for you, the Fit Pack includes multiple cushion options. Once the correct cushion size has been found, you'll only need to re-order that particular size for your sleep therapy maintenance. The recommended schedule is to replace your cushion every 30 to 90 days.

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