Lumin Wand - Handheld UV Sanitizer

3B MedicalSKU: LW5000

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Safely clean and sanitize surfaces in seconds with the Lumin Wand, the newest member of the Lumin family disinfection products. The Lumin Wand provides an easy, fast, cordless, and chemical-free way to disinfect kitchen and bathroom countertops, surfaces, keyboards, and phones.

  • 5-hour Battery Life
  • Built-in Safety Features
  • Lab-Tested to Kill Most Bacteria and Viruses

 With a built-in proximity sensor and accelerometer to ensure safe operation, the Lumin Wand can detect a turn of the wrist. If you have the device facing a surface and turn the device to look at it, it automatically shuts off. Likewise, if you lift the wand from the surface, it also turns off.

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