Respironics DreamWear™ Full Hybrid Mask FIT PACK

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Respironics DreamWear™ Full Hybrid Mask : Fit Pack

The Respironics DreamWear™ Full Hybrid CPAP Mask is a newer type of CPAP mask that covers both the mouth and nose. It is designed to be comfortable and convenient for users who require both ways for breathing while using a CPAP machine. The mask features an innovative design with the tubing placed at the top of the head, allowing for a more natural and unrestricted movement during sleep. The mask also has interchangeable cushions, which can be customized for individual users' comfort and support.

The Respironics DreamWear™ Full Hybrid CPAP Mask is a versatile solution suitable for both CPAP and BiPAP therapy. The unique design of the mask helps to reduce skin irritation, discomfort, and pressure points, making it suitable for users who are prone to sensitivity or discomfort while wearing a mask. The mask's flexible and adjustable headgear ensures a secure and comfortable fit to avoid mask leaks and dispel any frustrations related to troubled sleep.

Overall, the Respironics DreamWear™ Full Hybrid CPAP Mask is an excellent option for people who require the benefits of both a full face and nasal mask in a single mask. It is an ideal solution for people who sleep with their mouths open and require CPAP therapy and an excellent choice for those who seek more comfort and convenience while sleeping.

Fit Pack Includes:

  • Small Cushion
  • Medium Cushion
  • Large Cushion
  • Medium-Wide Cushion
  • Medium Frame
  • Soft Fabric Headgear

Ideal For:

  • Active Sleepers
  • Mouth Breathing
  • Readers / TV Watchers
  • Wide Faces

Sleep Position:

  • Back
  • Side

Suggested Replacement Schedule:

Replace your DreamWear Full Hybrid CPAP Mask once every six months. Replace the Full Hybrid Cushion every 30-45 days.

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