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The SleepRes V-Com is a comfort accessory that is designed to soften the peak inspiratory flow of CPAP devices. This can make CPAP therapy more comfortable for new users and existing users acclimate to treatment.


  • Softens peak inspiratory flow
  • Helps to reduce CPAP noise and leaks
  • Makes CPAP more comfortable
  • Fits most CPAP tubes and mask frames
  • Easy to install and use

How It Works:

The V-Com is placed between the CPAP mask and the CPAP hose. It works by diffusing the pressurized air as it enters the mask. This makes the air feel less harsh and can help to reduce the feeling of pressure on the face.


  • Improved CPAP compliance
  • Reduced CPAP discomfort
  • Increased CPAP satisfaction

How to use

  1. Attach the V-Com to the end of the CPAP hose.
  2. Connect the other end of the V-Com to the CPAP mask.
  3. Turn on the CPAP machine and adjust the pressure settings as needed.

Replacement Schedule:
Every 3-Months

Conclusion: The V-Com is a simple and effective way to make CPAP therapy more comfortable. It is easy to use and fits most CPAP machines. If you are struggling to adjust to CPAP therapy, I highly recommend trying the V-Com.


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