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Experience the Vibrance Difference: Vibrants Bio-Frequency Patches - Good Night

Vibrants patches are embedded with natural frequencies that deliver the vital information your body needs to get a good night sleep — without drugs or side effects.

The sleep aid patch is a safe and naturally effective way to reset your internal alarm clock, so you wake up feeling refreshed.

+ 100% Drug Free

+ No Side Effects

+ Safe for All Ages

Order Includes:
+ 1 Refillable Tin

+ 28 Patches

How Vibrants Work

+ Targeted Patch Placement:
Apply the Vibrants patch to the designated area of your body as instructed.

+ Bio-Energy Release:
When properly applied, the patch releases stored energy into your body's energy field.

+ Body Absorption:
Your body absorbs the bio-frequencies it needs to restore balance and optimize health

What are bio-frequencies?

Bioresonance therapy, the theory behind Vibrants, proposes that unhealthy cells or organs emit altered electromagnetic waves. These bio-frequencies are thought to be absorbed by your body to help restore balance and promote healing.

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