CPAP Buyback or Donation Program

Welcome to the Heartstrong Sleep CPAP buyback and donation program. If you have a PAP machine you are no longer using, we are interested in buying it or accepting it from you. To see if your machine is eligible, please complete the process below.

PAP Buyback Process:

  1. Register your information by completing the form
  2. Once we receive your info, we will contact you to discuss our offer
  3. If approved, we will email you a pre-paid shipping label
  4. Print label, box-up PAP, and apply the label and ship it to us
  5. Upon final inspection we will process your payment.

Payment Options:
+ PayPal
+ Venmo
+ Check by Mail
+ Donation
+ Store Credit

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Heartstrong Sleep

Thank you,
Heartstrong Sleep

We are only reviewing newer CPAP Machines that also have connectivity (WiFi or Mobile) at this time. Thank You!

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