Everything You Need to Know About The New ResMed AirFit F40 CPAP Mask

Breathe Easy: Introducing the ResMed AirFit F40 Full Face CPAP Mask

If you struggle with sleep apnea and require CPAP therapy, you know how important a comfortable mask is for a good night's rest. The ResMed AirFit F40 is a revolutionary full-face CPAP mask designed to deliver exceptional comfort, freedom of movement, and a reliable seal – all in a remarkably compact design.

Unparalleled Comfort Meets Performance

The AirFit F40 breaks the mold with its ultra-compact, lightweight design. This innovative mask minimizes facial contact with a soft silicone cushion that adapts to your unique contours. The result? A secure seal throughout the night without the claustrophobic feeling of bulkier masks.

Freedom to Sleep in Any Position

Side sleepers, rejoice! The AirFit F40's flexible design and short tube attachment provide the freedom to sleep in any position without compromising comfort or seal. This mask is ideal for those who change positions throughout the night.

Features for a More Restful Sleep

  • QuietAir™ Diffused Ventilation: Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep with minimal noise disruption from the mask.
  • Minimal-Contact, Soft Silicone Cushion that rests gently under your nose for a comfortable fit throughout the night.
  • Ultra-Compact Design that provides maximum freedom of movement and allows you to sleep in any position.
  • AdaptiSeal™ Technology that automatically adjusts to your unique facial contours for a reliable seal even at high pressures.
  • Soft, Breathable Headgear: With only four adjustment points, the plush headgear is easy to put on and adjust for a personalized fit.
  • Multiple Size Options: Ensure a perfect fit with available mask frame and headgear sizes.

Research and Feedback

In a ResMed external clinical study of existing PAP patients using the AirFit F40:

  • 96% of surveyed patients said they had freedom to sleep in their preferred position and change positions through the night. 
  • 100% of surveyed patients found it overall easy to use.
  • The majority of surveyed patients said they felt confident continuing their sleep apnea therapy.

Heartstrong Sleep Customer Feedback

Is the ResMed AirFit F40 Right for You?

If you're looking for a full-face CPAP mask that offers exceptional comfort, freedom of movement, and a reliable seal, the ResMed AirFit F40 is definitely worth considering. Talk to your doctor or Heartstrong Sleep about whether the AirFit F40 is the right fit for your sleep apnea therapy needs

We offer a 30-Day mask and/or cushion size exchange, thus, it's 'can't lose' opportunity to try the AirFit F40 mask.

ResMed AirFit F40 CPAP Mask:

ResMed AirFit F40 CPAP Mask and Cushions

ResMed AirFit F40 CPAP Cushions:

ResMed AirFit F40 CPAP Cushions
ResMed AirFit F40 Cushion Angle View - BLOG Image


Find Your Cushion Size:

ResMed AirFit F40 Full-Face CPAP Mask : Sizing Template

ResMed AirFit F40 Full-Face CPAP Mask : Sizing Template
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